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The SHED Gallery - Jeff Lowe

Welcome to The SHED Gallery featuring the fine art photography of Jeff Lowe. You may browse my photos individually, by gallery or using the keyword search box. I offer many fine products including prints, gallery wraps, metal prints and much more. Enjoy and be sure to click on any image to view it in the large size to enjoy all the detail. Your purchase allows me to pay for gas to get into the field and keep taking photos.


April 1, 2015

>>> The SHED Gallery is now open in downtown Los Angeles at the Flower Market on Wall Street between 7th and 8th streets. We'll be there every Saturday from 9-2 so stop by and say hello. About 50 photos are exhibited and I'll be accepting credit and debit cards via Square.

March 4, 2015

>>> My photos will be available for sale starting Saturday, March 28th from 9-2 at The WALL Farmer's Market located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in the flower district. I have established a new presence called The SHED Gallery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are in LA, stop by for a visit and introduce yourself. I'll be the tall, beefy, white haired guy in the new white canopy. To start, the images will focus on fruit, vegetables, flowers and a few other subjects. There is no cost for the farmer's market but there is a $1-2 cost to enter the beautiful flower markets. Hope to see you.

February 21, 2015

>>> It's been awhile and we are well into 2015. Lots of exciting activity. I've been out shooting and will have many new images posted as soon as I can get them edited.
EXCITING news coming but I'll be displaying (and hopefully selling) my photos in the heart of the largest flower market in the United States. The WALL Farmer's Market is where I'll be on Saturdays from 9-2. I'll post when my start date will be but I still have to construct a display and go through and choose the best flowers, fruits, veggies and a few other photos. Stay tuned.

OCTOBER 30, 2014
After a busy summer of photographing, look for more images to be uploaded in coming weeks. You may view my photos individually (IMAGES), by theme (GALLERY), or by entering a keyword in the search box. Enjoy and be sure to view my images in the largest size possible to enjoy all the detail.

JULY 22, 2014
It's been graduation season and so editing and uploading new images to my store has been delayed a bit while all my time has been spent editing and processing hundreds of graduation photos. I've also moved a new Masters graduate into our home and am enjoying spending time acquainting her with the area and showing her many of the attractions in the area. I hope to return to editing and uploading almost 1000 new photos in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy browsing from among over 1500 images. All photos are searchable by typing in a keyword. Many photos are organized into galleries or you may also browse individual images too. Enjoy and I hope that depending upon where you live in the world, that your summer or winter are treating you with kindness.

MAY 22, 2014
Best laid plans, as they say. After the two week tour with the Italians ended my plan was to sort through my archives for more images to offer here in my store. I've got 178 images ready to upload but instead, I was honored to photograph a beautiful young Navajo lady who is beating long odds by graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with her Masters. A huge accomplishment for a fine girl. She was a sweetheart for the entire session and with that project done I will get back to my archive work...sadly.

MAY 13, 2014
I just returned from being on the road for a couple of weeks driving and guiding a private tour of the American Southwest for a group of 10 lovely Italians. Now that the laundry and chores are done, I am again starting to sort through my archives of photos to sort and edit those that are good enough to be uploaded here for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Remember: My images are best when viewed in a larger size. You can search for any image by using a keyword. All images are organized into galleries for your convenience. Enjoy.

APRIL 25, 2014
1,555 are now available for your browsing and purchasing pleasure. Your purchase allows me to buy gas to get into the field to take more photos. I will now be sorting and editing about another 1,000 photos to decide if any are worthy of being uploaded here to my store.

APRIL 24, 2014
Here's one of many awesome photos now available in the Aviation Gallery. This is the Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial aircraft as it landed at Los Angeles International Airport for the first time. Art Prints

APRIL 23, 2014
Check out all the new images in my "Nudes and Sculptures" Gallery. Here is a sample of the 94 images. The images are some of my best work and reflect 25 years of photographing nudes/sculptures.
Photography Prints
Remember that all my images are searchable by a keyword. View Galleries that interest you and/or simply type in a keyword to search. All my images are best when viewed in a larger size so simply click on an image to see it in a bigger size.

APRIL 20, 2014
Sports fans! Dodgers fans! Check out the new 5 image series, "Los Angeles Dodgers" which highlight field views.
Art Prints

APRIL 19, 2014
If you love BLT sandwiches, check out the 5 new images in my Food Gallery...or just type in BLT. Enjoy! Perfect for you kitchen wall.
Photography Prints

APRIL 18, 2014
Check out my new four photo "Alien Cloud" series. They were shot over the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles. I've lived in the area my entire life but have never seen anything like these clouds.
Sell Art Online

APRIL 16, 2014
My "Great American West" series is now available! These images feature bold golden grass, blue skies, an old windmill and fences. They make a nostalgic addition to any home or office or as a gift.
Photography Prints

APRIL 15, 2014
1,250 unique and beautiful photos are now available! You may search all photos using a keyword and they are also organized into galleries.
>>> This is the deadline to pay your taxes here in America. Whether or not you're getting a nice tax refund, treat yourself by purchasing a beautiful photo for your home, office or a friend. Here's a recent upload.
Art Prints

APRIL 11, 2014
1,150 fine art photographs are now available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Please be sure to spread the word to your friends about my online store. Check out the exciting, awe inspiring series of forest fire smoke photos I just posted today. Here's a favorite of mine to get you started.

APRIL 10, 2014
1,112 photos are now online for your viewing and purchasing pleasure !
Check out the beautiful DAHLIAS I just posted. The bold colors are perfect for any room in your home, office or as a gift.

April 4, 2014
My Big Spring Sale Price Reduction continues. See my announcement below from April 1.
1,033 prints are now available for your browsing and purchasing pleasure.
Please share my store with family, friends and colleagues. Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, email...whichever social media you prefer.

APRIL 1, 2014
My profit margin prices have now been reduced by 50+%! Yup, now I've gone and done it! I just reduced my profit margin prices by 50+% on photos in my online store.
Thank you for visiting my online gallery store. A special thank you to those who have purchased my photographic artwork. I deeply appreciate each of you for supporting my work. I encourage you to browse and hopefully purchase. It is your purchases that keep me in the field taking photos. My photos are best when viewed large so click and enjoy all the detail that you can't see in a small thumbnail.

You may browse by "galleries", by individual "artwork" or simply search by typing in a keyword. Love Yosemite National Park? Simply type in Yosemite or just open its gallery. I offer prints of many types and sizes, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints and even cell phone cases. I'd really appreciate you sharing my store with all your friends. Thanks for your support!

AUGUST 10, 2013
Welcome to my gallery store! I'm happy you're here and hope you enjoy browsing through over 600 of my photos. I would suggest you click on GALLERIES at the top (or just below) of this page which will display several different categories of photos.

Here in Los Angeles, our weather has been unseasonably cooler than normal. In addition to my photography, I mentor new and experienced teachers and also provide private, custom designed tours. This Friday, I'm about to embark on a cross-country road trip from Los Angeles to Boston. Though this is a quick trip, I'm hoping I come upon some great photo opportunities.

Again, thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and perhaps purchasing. The holidays are just around the corner and of course, don't forget surprise gifts for friends, birthdays, weddings and innumerable other occasions.

APRIL 2, 2013
A very happy Spring to everyone! Here in Los Angeles, the temperatures are in the 70's and the wildflowers are blossoming in the countryside outside the city! I hope this season of renewal finds you in good health and that your weather offers hopes for a fresh start in 2013.

My recently uploaded photos of the United States' NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour are selling nicely and would make a nice addition to your collection. It did a stunning, very low flyby right in front of my camera in Los Angeles! Of course, I did find just the right, secret place to photograph it. I hope you enjoy them! I also uploaded a gorgeous image of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California and an interesting abstract of Yosemite National Park Dogwood blossoms as seen through a 100 year old window in Curry Village.

DECEMBER 15, 2012
The holidays are here. Consider a unique photo for a special family member, friend or colleague.
I'm now offering gallery wraps (where the image wraps around the edge of the frame), metal prints and acrylics as well as regular prints. All of my photos are also now available as greeting cards!

Consider a GALLERY WRAP (the photo wraps around the edges of the frame). It's's how:
1. Click on the photo you are considering
2. Select your size (step/tab1)
3. Select your canvas, glossy or matte
4. Select the WRAP tab (step/tab 4)
5. Select the GALLERY WRAP (Continuous Image Sides) which wraps the photo around the edges of the canvas. You will be able to see how beautiful it looks right before your eyes.

>>BIGGER is BETTER! Click and view photos LARGER. It's worth it!
>>Looking for a particular photo subject? Use the word search feature!
>>Click on the "galleries" or "artwork" tabs to view.

As for me, I'm just an ordinary guy trying to take extraordinary photos I like. Your purchase buys gas so I can continue to wander in search of more fine images for you.


Forehead Headstone by Jeff Lowe


Secret Door by Jeff Lowe


Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo by Jeff Lowe


Omaha Church by Jeff Lowe


Secret Door by Jeff Lowe


SAC Strategic Air Command by Jeff Lowe


Omaha Sunrise by Jeff Lowe


Corn On The Cob by Jeff Lowe


Corn Cob Dry by Jeff Lowe


Classic Car As Art by Jeff Lowe


Classic Car As Art by Jeff Lowe


Classic Chevy Wagon by Jeff Lowe


Hot Rod Polished Steel Engine and Grill by Jeff Lowe


Classic Roadster Silver by Jeff Lowe


Red Classic Corvette Jail Bait by Jeff Lowe


Classic MG Grill Yellow by Jeff Lowe


Corvette Beautiful Art Lines by Jeff Lowe


Classic Corvette Art Lines by Jeff Lowe


Classic Corvette Art by Jeff Lowe


Turquoise Exotic Art Lines by Jeff Lowe


Supercharged Engine by Jeff Lowe


Supercharged Engine by Jeff Lowe


Red Ferrari by Jeff Lowe


Ferrari Engine by Jeff Lowe


Red Ferrari Engine Window by Jeff Lowe


Ferrari Rear Panel and Tire by Jeff Lowe


Ferrari Engine by Jeff Lowe


Red Ferrari Doors Open and Front Air Intakes by Jeff Lowe


Red Ferrari Engine and Seats by Jeff Lowe


Red Ferrari Right Side by Jeff Lowe


Orange Ferrari by Jeff Lowe


Red Ferrari Engine Window by Jeff Lowe


Ferrari Exotic Sports Car Side by Jeff Lowe


B25 Mitchell and B17 Flying Fortress by Jeff Lowe


MIG 15 and F86 Sabre by Jeff Lowe


Canadair Shooting Star CT133 by Jeff Lowe


P51 Mustang by Jeff Lowe


P51 by Jeff Lowe



P51 Nose Prop by Jeff Lowe


P51 Man O War by Jeff Lowe


F86 Suitcase's Appleknocker by Jeff Lowe


F86 Sabre Jet by Jeff Lowe


Cannons On F86 by Jeff Lowe


P51D Man o War by Jeff Lowe


P51D Mustang by Jeff Lowe


Indian Chief Motorcycle by Jeff Lowe


Pacific Princess Nude by Jeff Lowe


Vintage Aircraft by Jeff Lowe